About Us

Trotters Family Butchers-

Trotters butchers are a family run business in the heart of rural Somerset.

 We rear most of our own pork from Phil and Edina's herd of pedigree Oxford Sandy and black pigs and we are passionate about where our meat comes from.

We strive to give our customers the very best, locally produced, outdoor reared meat.

Our butcher Ian with the support of his wife Marysa heads up the shop team. Ian has over 25 years butchery experience and really knows his stuff.

His two sons Simeon a skilled young butcher and Asher a qualified chef work along side him, helping with the            butchery and making fantastic homemade pies and pastries for the shop.

At trotters we cater for walk-in trade as well as wholesale and offer our customers competitive prices whilst still delivering the highest standard of meats, pies, pastries and other produce.


Have a look, at our price book. - Download link below

Trotters Price List Customer
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